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Fuji Xerox Vietnam

We are dedicated to visualizing our customers' business workflow with leading products, ultimate solutions and unwavering commitment to service excellence.

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Why Fuji Xerox Vietnam?

About Us

Fuji Xerox Vietnam is a fully owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox — a joint venture between FujiFilm and Xerox Corporation. In February 2012, Fuji Xerox celebrated the 50th anniversary, starting down on a fresh path toward the next 50 years. At this important milestone in our history, we will go back to the basics and step up our efforts to continue to be a trusted partner for customers in the areas of the document services and communications.

The Good Company Concept

In fiscal 1992, Fuji Xerox announced its Good Company Concept and established it as a foundation of management. According to this concept, a good company should be 'strong', 'kind' and 'interesting'. A 'Strong' company delivers excellent products and services that satisfy customers, and is able to reward its shareholders continuously. A 'Kind' company contributes to local and global communities in terms of environmental conservation, ethical behavior, and social contribution. Employees find their life and work fulfilling at an 'Interesting' company. Fuji Xerox aims to be a company with a good balance of all three attributes.

Mission Statement

Set forth a common goal for Fuji Xerox and all Group companies including domestic and overseas affiliates and sales subsidiaries, as well as all employees.

Commentary on the Shared Values

The Shared Values comprise 10 value statements, each emphasizing our responsibility and setting forth how we should approach business as members of society and as individuals based on a fundamental respect for humanity.

As a member of the United Nation (UN) Global Compact. Fuji Xerox was nominated a UN Global Compact LEAD company (there are now 43 such companies throughout the world) in fiscal 2010 in recognition of the commitment of Fuji Xerox top management and the company's proactive measures in this field.

Note: The UN Global Compact details 10 universally accepted core principles for CSR in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anticorruption, with signatories required to take proactive steps toward achieving these goals with 9146 member companies throughout 168 countries.

Fuji Xerox has identified four categories of social issues to concentrate on from among a broad spectrum of contemporary problems. The selection was made in line with our Mission Statement and what we consider to be our essential responsibilities to society. Based on our designated high-priority management themes, we will endeavor to create values through our business activities that will contribute to solving specified social issues and to support value creation by our customers and stakeholders


We provide different platforms for our staff to achieve growth and fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. 

The staff are likewise encouraged to participate in company activities, family-friend events, birthday, holidays, company trip, supportive charity events. We have developed a positive culture in our working environment and that we have a “Happy Workforce, Interesting Workplace”

Reward at Fuji Xerox

At Fuji Xerox, We are using fair, open competencies to evaluate employee performance, develop critical skills, and monitor workplace strengths and potentials. Creating more awards, contest to motivate employee achievements. 

Cultural Diversity

Fuji Xerox Group's range of activities has spread globally. Our customers and markets are diverse, and the people with whom we work reflect that diversity. Within the Group, in order to utilize everyone's full potential, respect for Cultural Diversity is vital. We must learn about the cultures with which we interact and gain inspiration from each other. We sincerely wish to contribute to the progress of society through attainment of these ideals.

Learning & Development

At Fuji Xerox, we enhance competency for all employee to deliver greater value to customer.

Develop Learning Culture @ Fuji Xerox

Inside review about Fuji Xerox Vietnam

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  • Finance analysist - 1481252897
    Pros: Dynamic, friendly & good benefit
  • Legal Asistant Manager - 1480910986
    Pros: 1. Friendly working environment: I got many support from other colleagues and manager when I start working here; 2. Encouragement: I feel being encouraged to give my best effort. Competitiveness here is not approached as fighting between each other, but supporting each other to deliver the best to the company; 3. Opportunity: Company has developed a skill training program offered to all staffs, you will be better in here. The better you are, the more opportunity that the Company will offer for you.
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